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5 Benefits of Shea Butter

What Is Shea Butter Soap Made Out Of?
Shea butter is a type of fat found in the seeds of the shea tree. 
This tree grows in East and West tropical Africa and produces shea fruit (which has a sweet taste). The shea seeds sit at the center of each piece of fruit, like a pit.
A shea pit has two oily kernels inside of it. After washing and drying these kernels, you can grind them up into a powder-like substance and boil them in hot water. 
As the powder boils, the shea butter will rise to the surface of the water. The butter then hardens after cooling down. 
While you can use shea butter as a cooking fat in the kitchen, it has several benefits as an emollient in cosmetic products, like soap. 
5 Benefits of Using Shea Butter Soap
Shea butter soap does a lot more than keep your skin clean. In fact, it does things most other types of soap aren't able to do. 
That's why shea butter soap should become a permanent part of your household. 
We've put together a quick list of some of the best benefits of shea butter soap below. 
So let's take a closer look. 
1. It's Moisturizing
Shea butter is full of vitamins that are great for your skin, including vitamins A, E, and F. It also contains linolenic acid and other types of fatty acids your skin needs. 
The acids in shea butter are similar to your skin's natural ebum—the oil on your skin. Because of this, the acids in shea butter super easy for your skin to absorb. 
This makes shea butter a natural moisturizer. You can use shea butter to help prevent dry skin and to keep your skin nourished and healthy. 
That's why shea butter soap is a good option for most people. 
Many types of soap leave strip your skin's natural oils away, leaving it dry and cracked. But the moisturizing effects of shea butter soap allow it to disinfect and hydrate your skin at the same time.
2. It Smooths the Skin
Shea butter soap is less harsh than other types of soap. This combined with its moisturizing properties will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. 
But shea butter soap also contains unsaponifiable compounds. These compounds allow more of the shea butter to be delivered to your skin than other types of soap made with oils. 
Shea butter is also full of things like linolenic, palmitic, oleic, and stearic acids that protect your skin from drying out and helps the skin produce its own natural collagen.
Because of this, shea butter soap can be an effective anti-aging product. 
The fatty acids in the soap cause your skin to produce more collagen, which reduces wrinkles and keeps your skin full and elastic. This can make your skin tone better and prevent skin conditions like cellulite. 
When you use this type of soap, you can develop softer and stronger skin. 
3. It's Anti-Inflammatory
There's a compound in shea butter soap—called lupeol cinnamate—that gives it anti-inflammatory properties. 
When you wash rashes and other irritated skin with shea butter soap, the inflammation can go down. Not only that, but the soap will also clean and disinfect the area to promote faster healing. 
Because of the vitamin F found in shea butter, washing irritated skin with this type of soap won't bother it. Instead, the soap is gentle on sensitive skin and can sooth the area. 
4. It Has Antibacterial Components
Along with being anti-inflammatory, shea butter soap has many antibacterial qualities as well. 
These components do two different things: 
1. They fight off germs and other bacteria that gather on the skin
2. They clean wounds, rashes, and other skin irritation and promote healing
Shea butter soap helps your skin heal, it can even make scars fade over time. You can use this type of soap to treat a number of skin conditions, including burns, rashes, wounds, allergic reactions, insect bites, stings, and acne.  
5. Anyone Can Use It
One of the best parts about this soap is anyone can use it. 
Because shea butter soap is a natural, chemical free product, it is safe for you, your grandmother, and your brother's new baby. It's also a great option for people who suffer from any type of skin condition, like eczema. 
Shea butter is gentle on any type of skin. This makes it a good choice for babies with diaper rashes or dry skin.  
Stop Missing out on the Benefits of Shea Butter Soap 
If you're not already using shea butter soap in your home, you're missing out on these amazing benefits. Anyone who struggles with dry skin, has a skin condition, is looking for a baby-safe soap, or wants to keep their skin hydrated and healthy should make getting this soap their next priority.